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The Building Blocks of Google Glass’ Mirror API: Cards, Menu Options, Share Entities and Subscriptions

For those interested in working the Google Glass’ Mirror API, here’s a summary of the key points from Timothy Jordan’s overview SXSW presentation of the Mirror API. In a nutshell, the Mirror API looks like many other REST APIs. Your app and Google Glass send information to each other via a REST architecture, using OAuth2.0 for authentication, JSON to encapsulate data, […]

useful tools June 16, 2012 Michael Quoc No comments – Email Unsubscription Service Review

Just came across one of those tools that you wish existed ten years ago. gives you a quick birds-eye view of each provider which sends you newsletters and email alerts, and lets you one-click unsubscribe to them from one page. I just went through my subscriptions and unsubscribed to around 30 providers in just […]

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Martinis & patents

Although I’m not a big fan of a whole defensive patent game, I understand its a necessary part of business, and after going through several patent applications, I can appreciate the amount of work and analysis that goes into getting a patent submitted and approved. During my time in the Advanced Products Group at Yahoo! […]

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Ironman training this year

Here, now its official (and harder for me to back out!): I’m signed up and training for a full Ironman race this year. Its an odd time I know to be undertaking such an adventure, given that I’m a new dad and starting a new business venture, but they always say that what doesn’t kill […]

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My Big Kahuna race report

So yesterday I completed my first endurance event (which didn’t involve beer or Nintendo Wii) at the Big Kahuna Half-Ironman Triathlon. The race consisted of swimming for 1.2 miles, getting on your bike and riding 56 miles, then getting off your bike and running a half marathon (13.1 miles). It’s not usually how I’d envision […]

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“Troll-like behavior in contemporary life”

Dana makes an interesting comparison between online trolls and physical publishers who publish books with the primary motive of creating controversy rather than providing real information, or “troll-like behavior in contemporary life,” as she refers to it. Indeed, it seems that troll-like behavior has taken an uptick in mainstream media in the past decade or […]

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Friction-free social media connections

Social Media’s recent launch of Social Banners is a great step forward in the world of advertising and social technology. In a nutshell, social banners are ad banners that have knowledge of who your friends are, and can track actions they take. So if your friend Sarah see a banner ad asking her whether she […]

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Live is the new social

It’s become clear to me after observing Yahoo! Live since we launched it two months ago that the appeal of the site hinges on the social vector more so than the content vector. While we designed the service to target “broadcasters,” the most interesting uses have involved interactivity between users via live video and chat […]