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The Building Blocks of Google Glass’ Mirror API: Cards, Menu Options, Share Entities and Subscriptions

For those interested in working the Google Glass’ Mirror API, here’s a summary of the key points from Timothy Jordan’s overview SXSW presentation of the Mirror API. In a nutshell, the Mirror API looks like many other REST APIs. Your app and Google Glass send information to each other via a REST architecture, using OAuth2.0 for authentication, JSON to encapsulate data, […]

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Martinis & patents

Although I’m not a big fan of a whole defensive patent game, I understand its a necessary part of business, and after going through several patent applications, I can appreciate the amount of work and analysis that goes into getting a patent submitted and approved. During my time in the Advanced Products Group at Yahoo! […]

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My Big Kahuna race report

So yesterday I completed my first endurance event (which didn’t involve beer or Nintendo Wii) at the Big Kahuna Half-Ironman Triathlon. The race consisted of swimming for 1.2 miles, getting on your bike and riding 56 miles, then getting off your bike and running a half marathon (13.1 miles). It’s not usually how I’d envision […]