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The Building Blocks of Google Glass’ Mirror API: Cards, Menu Options, Share Entities and Subscriptions

Posted by on Apr 11, 2013 in blog, google glass | 0 comments

For those interested in working the Google Glass’ Mirror API, here’s a summary of the key points from Timothy Jordan’s overview SXSW presentation of the Mirror API. In a nutshell, the Mirror API looks like many other REST APIs. Your app and Google Glass send information to each other via a REST architecture, using OAuth2.0 for...

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How Parents Can Avoid Becoming “Praise ATMs”

Posted by on Aug 27, 2012 in parenting | 0 comments

My wife sent me this article by Alfie Kohn which was published in 2001 in Parenting Magazine entitled Five Reasons to Stop Saying “Good Job.” The title overstates the article’s main point, which is that many parents adopt a habit of repeating “good job” when their kids do praiseworthy things, often without thinking or paying...

Read More + Facebook Messaging = Viable Competitor to Gmail (Finally)

Posted by on Aug 1, 2012 in social media, useful tools | 1 comment

From what I can see, Facebook’s own Messaging feature has largely failed to meet mainstream user’s needs. Its a great tool for Facebook junkies to have always-on contact with their friends, but most people still rely on traditional mail features such as folders, tags and search, which Facebook Messaging lacked. Now comes Microsoft’s...

Read More – Email Unsubscription Service Review

Posted by on Jun 16, 2012 in useful tools | 0 comments

Just came across one of those tools that you wish existed ten years ago. gives you a quick birds-eye view of each provider which sends you newsletters and email alerts, and lets you one-click unsubscribe to them from one page. I just went through my subscriptions and unsubscribed to around 30 providers in just a few minutes. Much easier than the...

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Vineman Full Distance Ironman Race Report

Posted by on Sep 14, 2011 in blog, cycling, swimming, triathlons | 0 comments

In August of this year, I did my first Ironman distance race, completing the 146.2-mile course in beautiful Guernesville, CA for the Vineman Full distance triathlon. Soreness and fear of stairs ensued for a week or two post-race, but that was more than offset by the great feeling of accomplishing a big, challenging goal. I’ve been meaning to sit down...

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